Building the total youth

Youth are the future of every generation, so nurture them in the right and Godly path. This is the first post for this blog and I am very sorry for not posting for some time now. But today we will be talking about a very interesting topic as we have in the title Above.

Starting with topic like this would be very helpful to me and you because if you can take out of your time and visit my about page you will see that I have make a commitment to blog about self improvement of the youth. Now it is time we start the discussion about the topic, sit tight and do not only read this but also use this as an opportunity to give yourself the best out of your destiny.

There was once a popular quote by a famous writer which says “If you ever think you’re too small to be effective, you’ve never been in bed with a mosquito!” — Wendy Lesko”. That quote goes a long way in the life of a youth aspiring to be successful in life. Taking a closer look at the quote, it is pointing to the whole thing of a youth being effective, I mean useful everywhere he/she might go. But have you ever thought of what building is.

“What then is building” : Building is defined as the act of developing or to give form to (something) according to a plan or process.

Create with the heart; build with the mind.” …

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. All those building were not built in a day, but takes time and hardwork. Being a youth then goes about you working with time, so many youths today procastinates whatever they do today, so not bringing out the perfect timing they ought to utilize in life. There is time for everything in life,a time to be born,a time to die,a time to love and a time to hate, and many more for everything that happens in life is decided by God.Also hardworking begets good result, in line with a popular quote which says if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. Planning does not end at dreaming to achieve it alone but also working towards it. Just as a popular verse has said: faith without works is just nothing in the sight of the Lord.Furthermore, let’s quickly talk about the meaning and essentials of a youth.

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Who is a youth: Generally,a youth is one that is very young and agile, but do you know it actually goes beyond that, because the youthful age is when you have the ability and sound mind to respond to things fast. Let’s quickly figure out the qualities of being a youth. Stick with me as there is still more to learn.

Qualities of being a youth:Youth is defined in term of adolescence. Adolescence came from the Latin word ‘adolescere’, which means, “to grow up”. It is the period of life between the advent of puberty and maturity. The period ranges between 12-24 (early adolescence 12-14, middle adolescence 15-17 and late adolescence 18-24). It is a time of storm and stress during which childhood personality are broken up, and new ones are formed almost overnight.God is just awesome In his ways therefore creating human beings in a unique way, he has specially created us the youth in an awesome way that we are:

1. Very agile and ready to accomplish any task assigned to us.

2. Our brain are very sharp and works more fast.

3. The youth gets to understand things easily.

4. There youth has a fragile mind at which he can get to pollute it easily.

5. The Lord has made the youth the leaders of the future. As they are the ones that would success every generation.

But here is the truth, all these features are lacking in the life of every youth nowadays. But there is always a saying that no hope is lost as there is always a chance for a comeback. Hence, there is a process of getting back the features and that is “Building the total youth”. This is the act or process of developing the r ight features and qualities a youth needs to be a vessel unto honour in the sight of the Lord. Now let’s get to analyze some of the features of a total youth.

1. A total youth is God-fearing. This is the most important of all, because as a total youth, things to be done as to be one that glorifies the Lord, following the teachings and rules of the Lord.

2. A total youth is creative and innovative.

3. A total youth is always ready to work. This implies he/she to be active at any task asked to perform.

4. A total youth possess both leadership and team spirit.

5. A total youth does not get to be told before doing the right thing.

6. A total youth is brave and courageous.

7. A total youth is academically sound.

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Finally, let us quickly look at the steps to building a total youth:

1. Foundation: everything in life start’s from somewhere, so as a youth you need to first get familiar with the process of being righteous and being a strong believer of the word of God. Be rest assured, as this happens in a matter of time.

2. Secondly, learning to assist others in need, as this implies that you should be kind and patient.

3. Lay down for yourself achievable mission and vision in life.

4. Seek advice from people older than you on how to operate with people in life.

5. Lastly, the Bible says study to shew thyself approved unto God. And a quote also says heaven helps those who helps themselves, so help yourself and the Lord would also help and guide you to attain higher grades in future.

In conclusion, there is none created by God to achieve success in life, but due to the adverse plan of the devil 😈 to destroy the creations of the lord, things have turned out the wrong way God wants it to be. It is only the blessings of God that maketh wealth and addeth no sorrow. A youth requires this blessings to operate in life, and thus to receive this blessings, you then need not to conform to the things of this world. So let our watchword as a youth be “I will do only the things of God and delight myself in the lord”.

As said before, this is the first post for master’s blog, so why don’t you let me know if you enjoy the post, or what you have learnt and what we need to work on. Your response is very much appreciated and we would love to hear from you soon.

Visiting Master’s blog for the first time, then follow up with us @master’s blog, for new posts and updated posts. Once again, I welcome you to master’s blog.

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